This is the home of the Digital Rogues, The team was originally formed for GameBlast 2016, a tradition we have continued by taking part in each GameBlast event every year since.

We aren't huge in numbers but we are in our efforts.

GameBlast is an annual gaming marathon event organised by and support of the amazing charity Special Effect who help put fun, inclusion and confidence back into the lives of people with disabilities by helping them to enjoy video games.

Accumulative Total

£11,264.74 raised since 2016.

Hours Streamed

670~ hours streamed.


Current activites

GameBlast 2024 is now underway and the Digital Rogues are kicking off our streams and are thankful of everyones support.
Here is our teams Justgiving page which contains a list of the team members taking part this year, and links to their own pages.

GameBlast24 Metrics
Team Total

+ £223.75 Gift Aid


from 38 Supporters.


55 hours streamed .

If you have spare few minutes please pop by one of the active streams below and say hi, we'd love to see you.
Twitch Channels

Past Glories

It's easy to forget all the previous work that we've done and what we have achieved, so this page is to immortialise that information.
Below is the history of all the events that the Digital Rogues have taken part in.

Event Goal Total Raised Gift Aid Participants Hours Streamed
GameBlast 2024 £600 - - - -
GameBlast 2023 £800 £2171.86 £399.17 5 115
GameBlast 2022 £700 £1334.28 £213.50 4 68
GameBlast 2021 £500 £1672.36 £7.50 3 58.5
GameBlast 2020 - £1383.13 £166.66 5 79
GameBlast 2019 £1000 £1536.36 £135.94 5 114.75
GameBlast 2018 £800 £2264.86 £204.13 4 61.75
GameBlast 2017 £500 £643.52 £64.13 3 53.25
GameBlast 2016 £100 £257.27 £11.81 5 120

Current Roster

List of all members that are currently active on the team Roster, This isn't a static list and may change as members sign up or decide to step down from events.


A beard and mohawk sporting Welsh man. I can usually be found streaming on Sunday mornings and I tend to focus on playing smaller indie titles.


Mucky minded 30 something Yorkshire woman in Wales, hobby hopper and obsesser, reader and gamer, drinker of tea to hobbit levels.

Digital Rogue

Inspired by 'Sid the Cussing Bunny' and 'Fuzzy Bunny Is A Fighter Pilot', one little bunny traversing the void in Elite Dangerous.

Digital Rogue

Hi there, my name is Broadsider! I stream here typically Mon/Fri/Sun from 7pm, with some good friends and crew mates! We don't take anything seriously, and just enjoy having a laugh as we go. Stay a while and hang out, we'd love to see you!

Inactive Members

List of all past members that are currently inactive.

Digital Rogue

Digital Rogue

Digital Rogue

Skylar Q
Digital Rogue

Haphazard Twitch streamer who shows up every couple of months like a confused meteor shower. I play a whole bunch of RPGs, indies, oldies and whatever holds my attention at the current time.